A new equinox instance will have no data in the database. To get a feel for the platform it is advisable to load some of the datasets included in the distribution. A production oriented installation will have its own procedure for populating the database depending on the use cases supported and other requirements.

Here we discuss how to do demo oriented initializations both for a local installation from sources and a docker based installation respectively


The data sets included in the distribution are for demonstration / testing purposes only, may be entirely random and/or incomplete and are not fit for any other use.

Loading Data into a local instance

Inside your virtualenv issue:


This will load a basic dummy dataset. At present this script is very basic.


You can select any of the json files available within the fixtures directory, just edit the shell script.

python3 loaddata --format=json DESIRED_FIXTURE_FILE.json

Loading Data into a Docker instance

In a docker based installation simply execute the above inside your container. For example:

docker exec -it 106bdb7e103f python3 loaddata --format=json ./equinox/fixtures/synthetic_data_1.json