equinox exposes a standard REST API via the Django DRF framework.

API Root

The root of the equinox API is accessed by by pointing your browser to http://localhost:8001/api


We see here the available API endpoints, which enumerate the different portfolio data categories that are being exposed

Lets click at that “eba_counterparty” collection:


We are now one level deeper into the API structure, where we can see all the distinct entries available within the “counterparties” collection.

Each entry displays its unique identifier and a further link which will take us to the data of an individual entry


Individual Entries



Missing are the following: the Lease Table and the Schedule tables (Swap cashflows and Historical Repayments)


At present only GET and POST actions are implemented

API Docs

Two different API doc generators are included on an experimental basis:

  • Swagger Style: http://localhost:8001/api/swagger

  • Redoc Style: http://localhost:8001/api/redoc