This is the Changelog for the overall Equinox platform and its API changes. Individual apps may have their own more detailed changelogs within the app subdirectory

v0.8 (Upcoming)

  • Dependencies: Django 5.0 related updates
    • OSMGeoAdmin deprecation

    • sqlite bug workaround: python ./ shell -c “import django;django.db.connection.cursor().execute(‘SELECT InitSpatialMetaData(1);’)”;

  • Enhancements: Postgres backend option

  • Scripts for deleting user data from database

v0.7.1 (14-09-2023)

  • Update to Python 3.10

v0.7 (09-06-2023)

  • Enhancements: New models supporting Scope 2 reporting

  • Fixtures for various use cases

  • Adopt pytest and basic coverage of all models

v0.6 (15-06-2022)

  • Enhancements: cpv / cpa mapping

  • Documentation: expand to cover app views

  • Dependencies: added scipy, bumped to latest versions

  • Summary Statistics Reporting and Visualization

  • Adopt behave BDD testing framework

v0.5 (25-05-2022)

  • Release 0.5 includes a complete data set to be used in testing “use case 1” (featuring mock city-wide procurement portfolio)

v0.4 (22-04-2022)

  • Earth Day 2022 Release

  • Major enhancements include procurement data framework and portfolio policy framework

v0.3.2 (31-03-2022)

  • Integration of Procurement data models / workflows

v0.3.14 (14-03-2022)

  • Pi-Day pre-release

  • PCAF for Mortgages

v0.3 (01-03-2022)

  • Release on PyPI

  • Release Docs on Read The Docs

v0.2 (22-04-2021)

  • Earth Day Release. Integration of PCAF metrics

v0.1 (21-03-2021)

  • Initial Release of Equinox